WAN Optimisation

Networks have long since been used for far more the connecting computers. LAN bandwidths have increased dramatically over recent years with 10Gb now almost commonplace for edge to core connectivity.

Complete Networks is extremely proud of its track record with WAN optimisation made possible with multi-protocol label switching or MPLS. We have worked closely with Talari Networks to provide call centre networks with a solution that provides guaranteed 100% uptime. It's the Talari hardware based solution, MPLS and our installation expertise at Complete Networks that makes this possible.


We believe the product is unique and currently (March 2015) the system is installed and in use in three ‘blue light’ (999) environments. This is the first time any of these three organisations have been able to enjoy a ‘perfect WAN’ and it's down to our use of MPLS with the Talari solution.

For the majority of our clients Complete Networks' wide area network (WAN) expertise and the traditional range of gateway routing protocols such as EIGRP, OSPF and BGP work well. But some sectors, particularly ‘blue light’, need something more, they need MPLS and Talari - something that goes beyond standard requirements. Both sets of clients get the Complete Networks expertise of course!

If your organisation depends on a multimedia network with call centre or similar applications requiring 100% uptime, contact Complete Networks to speak with one of our engineers. They will be able to advise you on the most effective route to 100% uptime made possible with MPLS. This is where our WAN optimisation solutions really come into their own. This unique hardware based solution from Talari Networks provides standard Quality of Service (QoS) and WAN load balancing but can also provide packet duplication across multiple WAN links to create a genuine zero downtime WAN with zero packet loss.