SIP Trunks

When Complete Networks works with you to design, install, monitor and support your voice and data networks, we deliver a network solution that works for you and your business. We will use SIP (Session Internet Protocol) trunks to move your voice and data safely, securely and fast over your network. That's what SIP trunks do.

SIP (or VoIP - Voice over Internet Protocol as it is sometimes known) supports clients who need high availability of their voice and data networks. SIP will carry traffic for both geographic and non-geographic numbers. It depends on the story you want to tell. Clients will use local or geographic numbers when they are keen to promote themselves as locally available and / or in a specific location.

Non-geographic numbers are used more and more because many businesses are no longer centralised: different arms, divisions and departments of your enterprise may be spread from north to south and east to west. Non-geographic numbers are reassuring to clients; subliminally they are enhancing your geographic coverage. And at the same time telling the world that you can work and deliver wherever they are. This is what SIP does for you.

Is SIP the right choice for you and for your business? Why not talk to our engineers about the detail and the aims of your business and they will discuss the pros and cons of SIP to help you reach a decision about choosing geographic or non-geographic numbers - amongst other things. And a combination of the two is sometimes the right decision as well. Numbers with Scunthorpe and Southampton area codes might well get answered in Glasgow! The choice is yours. And SIP is the enabler.

When SIP is part of your solution you get cheaper calls and cheaper channel rental than you do with ISDN and analogue lines. It's what makes the most sense for the network solution you need. And you will get lower cost mobile calls with SIP as well. In fact, free local, national and mobile calls are achievable. Ask us how!