Network Monitoring

Your network is an integral part of your business. Once your network is installed and up and running, Complete Networks offers network monitoring as part of our preventative maintenance support services. Much of this is proactive using managed monitoring software to alert us to a real or potential issue. And often any issue is ‘fixed’ before it becomes a problem - before you are aware. We are firm believers in ongoing maintenance and upkeep of the networks we design and install - to keep your business running in peak condition.

Complete Networks uses a range of network tools to monitor different aspects of our clients' networks as part of our preventative maintenance support programmes. These network tools will monitor devices and services on your network and send alerts to our monitoring team when issues are detected. The benefit to you as a Complete Networks client is that you get early warning of any real or potential problems. And a quick diagnosis of where the problem lies. This can be anything from a health check on servers (verifying memory usage, disk usage or CPU usage) to checking that Wi-Fi access points are working.

We also use network tools to monitor things such as bandwidth usage. If this is slowly rising, Complete Networks would, for instance, contact you and recommend that a higher capacity link is installed before end users notice any service degradation. And the same is true for something like server disk usage. Complete Networks would be alerted by one of the network tools and would recommend increasing disk capacity before the disk becomes full and the server fails.

A lot of the network tools Complete Networks uses to monitor clients' networks and services work behind the scenes. And quite often you, the client, are not even aware of real or potential issues because the Complete Networks monitoring team will have responded to the alert and taken appropriate action.