Network Installation

Complete Networks will handle the installation of your bespoke network from end to end: from the planning phase through to testing and ongoing support. Our planning phase is rigorous and comprehensive; it covers the ordering and installation of the necessary cabling and infrastructure services; it covers the ordering and installation of both hardware (every device, every network switch) and software; and it covers testing and ongoing support. We draw up the plan and we implement it. Rigorously. We install your network. Rigorously. And then we test, test and test again. And we're there for support whenever it's needed.

Because our experienced and expert engineers have designed your network to suit the needs of your business it makes sense for the team who carries out the installation to be those same people. Our highly qualified engineers at Complete Networks have decades of experience - they are the ones to trust that every device, every network switch is where it needs to be - working and tested.

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At Complete Networks we pride ourselves that our installations run to time - your new or upgraded network will be installed, up and running with every device (PCs, IP phones, Wi-Fi access points) plugged in and every network switch functioning as it should when you need it to be up and running. If at any time during the installation process you have a question or concern, contact one of our Complete Networks engineers and they will speedily and expertly respond and see that you have the information you require or that appropriate action is taken.