Network Design

Whether you need a new or upgraded local area network (LAN) or wide area network (WAN), Complete Networks will design exactly what you need. The network diagram we produce will fit your organisation like a glove. And we'll build in appropriate levels of security and redundancy. All of our clients' needs are different and so are the networks we design for them.


Your network for your company - whether you are a new or existing SME, a local one site operation or a national concern with multiple data centres where availability, access and speed are key - your network designed for your company. Complete Networks also has considerable expertise in designing ‘blue light’ networks where high availability is a starting point.

Before producing a network diagram our engineers will sit down with you to gain a full understanding of your business operations and scale to work out what network services you need. Then they will look carefully at what options there are for implementation. Complete Networks will provide you with a network diagram (in Visio or pdf format) showing the topology of your network. This network diagram will show how the various devices are connected and will include key IP addresses.

Throughout the design process our engineers will be working with you providing a specialised and personal service. As the client you will have quick and easy access to the highest levels of design expertise within Complete Networks. And once the design is completed to your satisfaction and the network diagram signed off, you will find that Complete Networks is competitive on equipment pricing.