Mobile Networks 

Mobile phones have become an essential part of how most businesses and organisations operate. The deployment of the 3G and 4G mobile networks and proliferation of smartphones have radically changed how the world does business.

The key buying decision for individual businesses is whether you need voice only or both voice and data services. Which of the mobile networks you go with will depend on what's available matched against what's convenient and cost-effective for your organisation.


When you discuss the mobile phone needs of your business with our engineers at Complete Networks you get the best advice possible based on our experience, expertise and familiarity with mobile networks. We can provide business mobile contracts for any size of organisation. Complete Networks, if this is what your business needs, can also set up flexible mobile contracts for your business and your staff with or without mobile phones. And of course you can be assured of competitive call rates whichever choice you make.

It's when your staff are on the move and truly mobile that the benefits and advantages of smartphones become desirable - or even a necessity. The ability to have internet access for browsing, email, multimedia or video conferencing on the move has revolutionised the lives of sales people and field personnel everywhere. The expansion of mobile networks both in terms of coverage and capacity / strength has expedited decision making and shortened lead times and the sales cycle. It has made our lives and businesses much more efficient. Fast becoming negligible is the increasing cost of smartphones. Time saved and overall efficiency are paying the bills.