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Converged Networks and Unified Communications

Credible companies need unified communications and that means having a converged network. A converged network will support data, voice, video, cctv and access control which in turn supports and drives your business. Whatever your industry, niche or customer base having unified communications gives you an edge. Unified communications makes you agile, responsive and robust. Unified communications keeps your business, your staff, your customers and your suppliers connected and communicating.

If you are a multi-site business or organisation you will find that having unified communications supported by a converged network or networks transforms your business. If you already have converged networks and are looking for additional capacity, an audit, upgrade, maintenance or support, please contact one of our Complete Network engineers to discuss your requirements. Complete Networks provides design, implementation, monitoring and support. Our experts can advise you on the right solution for your business.

Unified Communications or converged networks for multi-site businesses

If, like many of our clients, your business needs private wide area networks (WANs) to connect multiple offices, contact us. Complete Networks will design, install, monitor and support private wide area networks to suit your business. We will recommend WAN links from 10Mbit/s to 10GBit/s. Whatever your business needs. We will ensure you have the capacity, capability and quality of service enabled network that will support your business today and in the future.

When Complete Networks designs and installs a converged network for one of its clients it is quality of service enabled giving your business the capacity and resilience needed for your business to run at peak performance.

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