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Local Area Network

When Complete Networks designs your local area network (LAN) we tend to use industry leading top brands for switches, routers and firewalls to keep your company information safe, available and moving. We use those companies who have set the industry standards including Cisco and HP; and others. The specific brand or equipment we recommend depends on your requirements and your preferences. And if it's a wireless LAN you need, we can do that. We'll make sure that when high availability is needed, it's there. Reliably. Of course. Putting voice and data over the same infrastructure is fast becoming the norm. This convergence of voice and data is another way to futureproof your network and your business.

Whether you have a LAN, a wide area network or both a LAN and a wide area network depends on the size and nature of your business. A LAN is perfect for small businesses and single site businesses. Multi-site businesses will benefit from a wide area network to connect the various sites though there may well be a case for one or more offices in the group having individual LANs. To discuss whether this makes sense for your business, contact Complete Networks to speak to one of our engineers. They will happily discuss your requirements and make recommendations about what is best for you - a LAN or a wide area network. Or a combination.

Whatever your choice our experts at Complete Networks will advise you on routers, switches and firewalls as well. Firewalls keep your business secure by blocking unwanted traffic looking to leave or enter your network.

Local Area Network designed for your needs

Complete Networks also provides wireless LAN solutions and is a radio / microwave specialist and able to offer ultra-reliable point-to-point links for clients who need that type of connectivity. Directional Wi-Fi solutions are excellent for short hops in the unlicensed band 2.4/5.0Ghz. For longer distances and higher speed, licensed solutions are still cost effective and provide similar latency to the more common dark fibre. Speak with one of our experts at Complete Networks to discuss if this could be a solution for you.

If your business or organization has several buildings on a campus or business park, microwave links are a good way to connect your buildings. Microwave links can be subject to interference so proper installation planning is necessary. This is something you will want to discuss with one of our engineers at Complete Networks.

When high availability is key to your business or organization, our Complete Networks engineers will work with you to design a LAN or a wide area network that has enough redundancy in the system so that no single component (switch, router or firewall) will cause operational impact to the network if it fails.

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