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If you and your business are based in small premises or even at home, you probably still want and need business strength connectivity. You need high speed broadband to run your business, to move data and to keep in touch with clients, suppliers and staff.

If this scenario is possibly or probably you, make sure you contact Complete Networks to speak with one of our engineers about how to get business class connectivity for your business - wherever you are located!

Beyond traditional ADSL or ADSL 2+ there are two high-speed options, EFM and FTTC.

EFM is a bidirectional solution offering bandwidth up to 20Mb. The receive and transmit speeds are the same and the resulting circuit (presented as Ethernet) emulates fibre in terms of both performance and latency. However the cost is significantly lower than fibre and installation times are often less than 30 days.

FTTC for high-speed networks

FTTC is another cost effective way of getting a high-speed internet connection into a residential home or into small business premises. FTTC can be a cost-effective way of making sure your business succeeds.

FTTC uses very high bit rate digital subscriber line technology (known as VDSL) to give you up to 80Mbit/s download speeds along with up to 20Mbit/s upload speeds. This is up to three times faster than standard ADSL lines. If this sounds like the solution you are looking for, give us a call on 01332 497 990. One of our engineers will discuss your requirements and the best options available for your business. And then Complete Networks can get started planning and implementing your move to high speed broadband using FTTC technology and VDSL.

Whichever you choose, having EFM or FTTC technology in your home or small business premises to enable high speed broadband so you can access faster upload and download speeds could be a sound business investment. It will certainly make your life easier.

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