Fibre Optic Cable

Whatever your sector or business Complete Networks can provide all of your fibre optic cabling needs. When our engineers meet with you to discuss your business and network requirements one of the key recommendations they will make is to specify fibre optic cable that will work the best for your business. This might be multimode or single mode. And of course Complete Networks will look after the installation and rigorous testing as well.

Our experienced team of installation engineers are used to working in diverse and sometimes challenging environments including acute hospitals which require minimal disruption, no downtime and which must be operational 24/7.

We will recommend the correct fibre optic cable and the number of cores for your application, whether this is internal or external grade, fully armoured or foil wrapped. Our engineers routinely and expertly install all fibre optic cable types to manufacturers' specifications. We will ensure that all installed fibre cores are terminated on a fibre patch panel with connectors compatible with the requirements of your business. We always use fusion splicing to terminate fibres as this provides the lowest loss installation possible.

And as you would expect from Complete Networks all fibre cable installations are thoroughly and rigorously tested using the best-in-class Fluke DTX1800 cable analyser. When your installation is complete you will receive a full test report. Every fibre optic cable we install comes with a manufacturer's 25 year warranty.

The table below shows the common fibre optic cable types that our Complete Networks engineers routinely install for clients throughout the United Kingdom:

optical-fibre-table (1).jpg

Cable Patching

We also provide a patching service to ensure that your data cabinets are exceptionally tidy and easy to maintain. Our engineers will patch or re-patch your data cabinets to a highly professional standard using custom length, colour coded patch leads of the appropriate specification.