Cyber Security

The threat or reality of a cyber attack should be someone else's nightmare - not yours. There are many ways that Complete Networks can help to keep your network, and your organisation, safe. One of our priorities when designing your network is an appropriate level of security to guard against a cyber attack. We can also advise your organisation on protocols and procedures as well as performing software checks and penetration tests. All of these help in preventing a cyber attack. And to offer you real peace of mind we offer ongoing support and software solutions to keep your business - including your data, client and financial information - safe and secure. Safe and secure from a cyber attack.

With IP telephony there are an increasing number of cyber attacks with people external to organizations attempting to gain access to an IP phone remotely. And once they have that access, they make fraudulent phone calls. Don't let this happen to you. This type of activity can result in a significant increase to your phone bill often running to thousands of pounds. There are other risks too especially where data is concerned. Your company may lose valuable data. And you may find yourself in breach of data protection laws. That's three good reasons to speak with one of our Complete Networks engineers to find out how you can guard against a cyber attack.

If your networks are seriously hacked in a cyber attack your systems may experience unexpected downtime which means that your business will struggle to operate as normal. Your staff and sometimes suppliers and clients may also unwittingly cause your systems to be vulnerable to a cyber attack by plugging a virus infected PC or laptop into your network. Or sometimes by just opening an unexpected email attachment or clicking on a suspect link.

To keep your business, your data and perhaps your livelihood safe from a cyber attack, get in touch with one of our Complete Networks engineers and they will be able to advise you on how best to guard your business against a cyber attack. This is likely to include proper firewall installation, protection against viruses and management of web access by end users.