Network Design

Secure, reliable network infrastructure will unlock the potential of your business.

We can help you lay this foundation.

How we deliver

Our network design service is completely bespoke. From client to client, each project is totally unique and reflects their goals, requirements and capabilities.

We meet to discuss how your business operates, and how our service can 

Understand your business

We begin by meeting with you to discuss the goals of your business and which kind of network design we can provide to enable these. It is critical that the network aligns with your corporate priorities. 

Consider implementation

We will consider how your network design can be optimised for ease of implementation. Looking beyond the design phase, we will advise on an implementation strategy that works for you. 

Map out your network

Our experts will deliver a map of your network informed by the previous two steps. This will be a reliable blueprint for the implementation when you decide to move forward. 

Take your pick

Network Cable Technician

Local area network

Local area network

We can design a local area network (LAN) that connects devices within your corporate premises, whatever the location. Our experts have decades of experience creating local networks that are fast, secure and reliable. 

Road and Bridge Network

Wide area network

Alternatively we can create a larger network that spans across multiple locations. These networks will allow your employees to access important information no matter their location.  

Our Strengths

Complete networks can offer guidance on purchasing equipment for implementation on top of competitive prices.


Security is a core pillar of our design approach. We offer an exceptional level of network security to protect your business from cyber threats. 


You need to access information as quick as possible. Our network design services prioritises speed to bring you what you need the moment you need it.