Network Equipment

Having the right network hardware goes hand in glove with having the right network for your business - whatever your size or sector. When our engineers sit down with you to work through your requirements, they will be thinking about the appropriate network hardware to recommend whether that is switches, routers, servers, cameras, telephones or interactive whiteboards. Every piece of network hardware needs to be fit for purpose and installed by skilled personnel.


This is what Complete Networks is all about. Our engineers have decades of experience designing, installing and supporting large networks with 5,000 or more users. That's a lot of network hardware whatever your business is. And rest assured we use the same care, attention and skill with smaller networks! Local area networks are absolutely critical infrastructure for running modern businesses. Local area networks support everything - data, voice, video, CCTV, building management - the list goes on. Every piece of network hardware needs to be utterly reliable and focused on optimum uptime.

When our engineers are designing your network (whether new or an upgrade) they will be looking at providing you with the best network hardware available. When it comes to network infrastructure equipment we generally recommend Cisco which is indisputably best of breed and excellent long term value. Cisco network hardware also comes with a lifetime warranty. Our installation engineers are Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) accredited.

If you are looking for a new storage solution or storage area network (SAN) like a lot of businesses you will find your bandwidth moving towards 10Gb, 40Gb or even 100Gb. And of course you will need additional network hardware to keep up with the expanded solution. Complete Networks will supply new or refurbished network hardware depending on your needs and to suit your budget.