Contact Centres

Contact Centres come with their own challenges and Complete Networks will help you meet them. We will work with you to design a truly robust system, suitable for high call volumes; we will also provide ongoing support and solutions for high availability/no downtime scenarios. Our engineers will ensure that you have that vital recording software too - reliable and easy to use. Doing what it needs to do to keep your business ahead of the game.


Contact Centres are by their very nature a high volume inbound resource. Your sector and your size will determine the content and flow of your menu system and how your recording software is programmed and used.

Whether you are an ambulance service, an insurance helpline, a bank or an outpatient appointment system - you will each have your individual requirements. All need recording software and our Complete Networks engineers will help you make smart choices so your calls get answered, recorded, reviewed and archived appropriately. Recording software needs to work for your enterprise whether it's to provide material for training and monitoring or provide evidence for tracing and dealing with nuisance and / or abusive calls. Or something else.

There are, of course, industries which require that calls are recorded. If that's you, then you will want to work with Complete Networks to ensure that your recording software does what it needs to do and is robust and upgraded when needed. Our engineers can implement and support the most effective configuration for your recording software so that you get the management information you need whether in real time or as historical reporting. Tell us what your business needs from your recording software and we will make it happen!