Cloud Computing

Most of us use cloud computing in our day to day lives without realising it through things like online banking services and social networking sites like LinkedIn. Cloud computing is really a new name for something that has been around for a while - hosted services.


If you are considering moving to cloud computing, your choice of cloud depends on the needs of your business and our engineers at Complete Networks can advise you on the benefits of a private cloud, a private hosted cloud or a public cloud. With a private cloud you get a different level of security and control. A private hosted cloud may make more sense depending on how much capacity you need. And a public cloud is often the most convenient - it all depends on what level of security you need.

Using cloud computing means that you can create a document on your office computer and then be able to access that same document anywhere in the world from another computer (it needs to be connected to the Internet). This is cloud computing and it gives businesses a higher degree of flexibility and back up.

Cloud computing makes backing up and disaster recovery much more straightforward. Your data is in the cloud, not on the PC that's damaged by fire, flood or theft in the office; your data is in the cloud, not on the laptop that's been lost or stolen en route or at the airport!

Cloud computing makes collaborating across time zones much easier too and is a great boon for version control. There is one version of the document in the cloud available for comment and revision. Gone are the days of emailing documents back and forth and having to edit or compile a final version from multiple copies each with different input.

And probably one of the best things about cloud computing is that it can bring both your capital and operating costs down!