Call Recording

When your business needs an online voice recorder, Complete Networks will provide the solution that best suits your business. This might be a new system or an addition to an existing system. From the simplest online voice recorder to something more sophisticated. Whatever system we recommend and install will be fully customisable with full reporting available.

An increasing number of businesses across many, many sectors are turning to online voice recorders to make their lives simpler - to save time and money. When you have an online voice recorder installed you no longer need to house, replace or maintain the physical recorder or the tapes or cassettes that were long in use. Your call data is safely in the cloud where you can retrieve if, as and when needed.

Today's sophisticated online voice recorders supported by business-friendly databases allow you to access the call data you need - segments of calls or calls specific to a particular telephone extension for example. You can even have the online voice recorder system search calls for specific phrases. This can speed up a lot of compliance work and provides management with the data needed to keep your business running at peak performance.

If you need to share sensitive audio files you can use encryption to share and distribute the requisite files securely. Using an online voice recorder gives you and your business that confident edge. Our Complete Networks engineers will discuss your requirements and recommend an online voice recorder system and configuration that will support your business.